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Austin + Makenzie

A country wedding in Roy, Washington


When it came time for Austin and Makenzie to get married, they knew they wanted it to be be somewhere private and meaningful. They didn't want to have to worry about covid restrictions rescheduling their wedding.

Luckily for Makenzie her family owns a large farm in Roy, Washington. I couldn't think of a more perfect place for a wedding! The farm is full of all sorts of critters from small goats and chickens to horses and cattle. Her family is vegetarian and all the animals there live out their life in peace and safety.

Makenzie and her family spent many months painting the old barn and readying the property for all their closest friends and family. Her mother owns a dog grooming business on site and it was the cutest and cleanest facility I have ever seen. The girls all hid themselves in the dog salon from the guys as they got ready. Many of their friends are grooming clients and dog were invited to attend the celebration. That's my kind of wedding!

Their bridal party consisted of Makenzie mom and her beautiful and hip grandma as well as her best friends from childhood. Austins cousins and friend were by his side as groomsmen. They were a sarcastic bunch making jokes left and right and enjoying themselves.

They were married on a hot summer day without a cloud in sight. Their ceremony was short and sweet with laughter and tears. Guests sat on hay bales covered in quilts and rustic picnic tables. It doesn't get any more country than that.

Just a few days before the wedding Austins mother was in an accident and suffered a severe injury. She was being cared for in a hospital in Oregon and wasn't going to be able to attend her own son's wedding. Austin had come to terms with this, and they decided to go forward with the wedding as planned. Well miracles do happen because his mother was able to surprise him and make it to the wedding.

There were some major tears shed during the mother/son dance, even from me. I think those moments captured with his mother were some of my favorites. Never take your family for granted.

I was so honored to be a part of Austin and Makenzie's big day! They have wonderful and supporting families and they treat each other with respect. It was obvious that they are best friends and have a forever kind of love.

May your days be full of love, laughter, and happily ever after!

- Jenine


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