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An inhome newborn lifestyle photography session



This little family is near and dear to my heart, I met them through church and quickly fell in love with their adorable and spunky little daughter. When I heard they were pregnant I couldn't contain my excitement for them! They are wonderful and caring parents and their children are so lucky to have them. Their mother has been such a great example to me.

The moment I entered their home it was so cozy and there was a quiet stillness that newborns seem to bring with them everywhere they go. There was so much love felt in their home.

I have to be honest here, I almost botched their whole newborn session. A few weeks prior to this I lost my dear brother to suicide and my brain had been in a permanent fog and my body in a state of shock.

I packed my camera bag the night before with all my lenses and lights, I charged my camera battery and even threw in an extra. I loaded up my car and headed over only to find out when I arrived that my camera SD card was still in my computer at home. My heart sank and I was so embarrassed, I was going to have to drive back home 20 minutes. Luckily their Dad came to my rescue with an SD card he had. I was so grateful that they were so patient and understanding with me over such an important thing.

Lets just say that I triple check everything after that, lol.

- Jenine Guariglia


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