Brookerson Family Photos

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Olympia State Capitol

Have you ever met a family and immediately felt right at home, like you belonged? Well that's exactly how I felt when I met with Kelsey's family. Kelsey lives in North Carolina and found me through my Instagram account. She was coming to Washington for a long overdue family reunion. She expressed a great love for her Grandma, or Grams as they like to call her, and wanted to make sure they all got pictures with this amazing 85 yr old woman. Kelsey and I exchanged a lot of texts and emails to plan out their family session. We had pretty high expectations when it came to a location. We wanted somewhere easily accessible for Grams, somewhere that had a view of the Puget Sound, and lastly somewhere iconic to Washington State. I think we did pretty darn well!

Kelsey told me that this would be a special time where she was meeting her 1 yr old niece for the first time. The cousins were finally old enough that they might remember meeting and playing together. Kelsey and her mother came so prepared, every photographers' dream. She had snacks for the kids, a stool for me to stand on, a rug to sit on, and my favorite thing of all, a book for Grams to read the grand kids. I think that was my favorite moment of all.

The Washington state capital grounds in Olympia are gorgeous! Not only are the buildings fine works of architecture, but they have a stunning garden as well. The only thing they seemed to be lacking was public restrooms! All you boy moms out there can relate to the picture below. I must admit while I was there a week prior checking the location out, my little boy did the same thing.

We finished this amazing session off with a view over the sound. We even managed to have time for a 4th generation photo before the sun went down.

If you are interested in a photography session at the Washington State Capital, please email me at and we can plan your individualized session.

-Jenine Guariglia