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Chloe Ellen Chaney

An in home lifestyle newborn session/ Rainier WA


I want to welcome all 5lbs of Chloe into our world! She was born during this uncertain time of COVID 19. Her mom Michelle had quite an unusual experience bringing her into this world. The hospital had a one visitor only policy at the time. Michelle was lucky enough to have her husband and mother present for Chloe's birth but her children were unable to visit. Michelle's best friend was also giving birth in the hospital a few rooms down during Michelle's stay and they were unable to visit one another.

Now that Chloe is at home, friends and family are meeting her for the first time through virtual means only. Everyone is eager for the day they get to meet Chloe in person and hold her. I feel very fortunate that I was to meet Chloe and document this important time.

- Jenine


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