Cooper Family Maternity

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Tolmie State Park Olympia, WA

Mrs. Cooper is 35 weeks pregnant and expecting her first baby boy!

The Cooper family enjoy fishing on the weekends and going to the movies. I tried to get Mr. Cooper to give up some of his favorite fishing spots in the area ;) We really wanted to incorporate some sort of outdoor water location since that's what this family is all about.

We started with the whole family and then when big sister started shivering, Dad took her to the car to warm up while mom and I went to get some individual shots. This was not your typical warm beach, sunset, maternity session. It was November in the PNW, 40 degrees and the wind blowing off the water. It's hard to tell because Mrs. Cooper nailed it. She is just stunning! She even took her shoes off and got her feet in for the last few shots! She is a trooper and my hero!

Congratulations on your baby boy Cooper family! I'm anxiously awaiting the news of his birth!

- Jenine