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Elizabeth's Equine Photography Session

Enumclaw, Washington


If I had to pick my favorite kind of photography it would be equine photography. Equine photography combines my two favorite passions in life, besides my family of course;) I love getting to know about my clients and their horse/ human relationship, whether it be competing, trail rides or just a pasture pet in the yard. Each horse and human have a backstory and I love to capture it.

Elizabeth has two handsome Gelding. Red and Chief. Red she got from an elderly client unable to care for him anymore, he was 20 and had never been ridden. He lacked a lot of formal education. She walked him the 1 mile from his previous home to his new boarding facility because he would not trailer at the time. Unfortunately he did not end up being the riding partner Elizabeth had imagined but he makes up for it with his sweet and goofy personality. He now has the important job of keeping Chief, the new addition to the family company. Chief is an off the track thoroughbred with a been there done that personality. He was just the riding partner Elizabeth needed for her busy life as a physical therapist. Both boys were sweet and curious and just wanted to follow you around and see what you were doing.

Elizabeth felt comfortable enough to share with me that she had gone through a very rough patch in her life recently. She told me her horses were there and helped her get through the thick of it. I wonder how many of us can say our horses have helped us through life in some way. I know mine keep me healthy, happy and sane.

I think Red with all his goofy faces could cheer everyone up!

If you're an horse lover in the Puget Sound area, and want to capture the special bond you have with your horse, send me a message to book a session today.

- Jenine


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