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Elliot family

An outdoor lifestyle family photo session in Yelm, WA


So excited to share with you all the amazing Elliot family and their beautiful session full of love, laughter, and most importantly FUN!

The Elliot's are my neighbors from across the street. This was my first time officially meeting them but to me they are somewhat local celebrities. They are both amazing horse trainers and riders and own a huge property where they host 3 day events each year.

I look forward to their horse shows each year as a spectator and admirer of all the skilled riders and their talented horses. The lure of the taco truck also helps get my kids and husband to tag along to the show with me, lol.

The Elliot's were in better in person than I could have imagined them. So kind, friendly and down to earth. They are clearly a very close knit family that loves spending time together. The kids are living their best life enjoying all that nature has to offer them everyday. Their silly rescue dog tagged along for the whole adventure ( dogs are family too!). Midway through the dog disappeared and when the dog returned it had rolled in some smelly elk poop and we all had a good laugh and played keep away from the dog.

It took me wayyyy to long to meet these wonderful neighbors! Now I must go meet a few others. Think of all the amazing people I could be missing out on.

- Jenine Guariglia


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