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McNeish Barn Equine Photo Session

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Olympia, WA


I have had a huge love for animals all my life- it is major part of who I am as a person. Prior to becoming a photographer, I worked as Veterinary Technician. It was the best job ever, next to being a photographer. I get so excited when I have the opportunity to photograph pets with their families, and I get even more excited when the session includes horses!

I met Kerstin a year ago when I went searching for an instructor and trainer to help me with my own horse. She even helped me pick out Murphy, a palomino quarter horse gelding that I now own. Kerstin might be the most thoughtful gift giver and best friend a girl could ask for. She asked me to photograph her daughter and a few of her best friends with their horses.

Each of these ladies has a special bond with their horses that they work hard on everyday.

First we have Cynthia and her Dutch Warmblood Qualia. Qualia is 28 yrs old, and if you're not familiar with horses, that is very old for a horse. Cynthia and Qualia have been through a lot together, and she wanted something to help remember Qualia by for many years to come.

Qualia is a huge mare about 17h and doesn't show her age except with her unflappable personality. She is a "been there done that" kind of girl.

Next is Nadia with her two horses: Lodi, and her newest arrival, Bishop. Nadia began taking lesson from Kerstin over a year ago, and had progressed to not just owning her own horse, but having two. A lady after my own heart! Lodi is a handsome Arabian who I had the pleasure to ride once, and he had the most unforgettable smooth trot, even I could sit the trot on his back.

Bishop is an older Thoroughbred boy who is level headed and gentle, as well as being an athlete.

Quinny and Lucy make quite possibly the cutest pair. Quinny does almost all the training herself with her Arab/Andalusian cross. She is quite the accomplished horsewoman for her age. During this session we referred to her as Princess Quinny and her magical unicorn Lucy. Lucy was not a fan of her horn.

Last but not least, Kerstin and Cedric. Cedric is a giant 18h Warmblood that has Kerstin's heart. Kerstin is from Germany and flew Cedric with her when she moved here to Olympia. He is a talented horse that goes from doing dressage with an experienced rider, to giving beginner lesson to the smallest child. He always shows caution and takes special care with her students. I had the pleasure of riding Cedric for lessons and he helped me gain my confidence back and develop my seat at the canter.

I had to joke with Kerstin a little because Cedric got so worked up in his new surroundings, and with all his horse friends coming and going, that he took it upon himself to jump a 6ft gate during the session! Luckily he was unscathed. He was an eventer in his past and it comes out in full force at times!

If you have a special equine companion you'd love photographed and you live in Western Washington, please send me a message!


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