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Fowler Family

A family photo session in downtown Tacoma, WA


Last year for the Fowler family photos we with a natural setting in my back field during golden hour. This year Mrs. Fowler told me she wanted to switch it up and hit the city for family photos and I knew Tacoma wouldn't disappoint. I have been dying to do a rooftop photo session like I keep seeing popping up on social media. The whites and grays from the building bounced beautiful clean light making skin tones look amazing.

I am loving the cityscape; it was such a nice change of pace for me. Seattle gets a lot of hype for obvious reasons but hear me out......Tacoma is AWESOME! It has everything you could every need, cityscape, waterfront, forest, gardens, colorful walls, graffiti, good food, fun shops, museums.

Next time you book family photos consider giving an urban setting a go.


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