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Lake Tipsoo Maternity Photo Session

Creed & Samantha/ Mt. Rainier National Park


You guys I'm going to be an auntie again very soon and I can hardly contain my excitement! Creed and Sam are due to have their little boy any day now and I'm keeping my phone on me at all times

For these pictures we headed up to Mount Rainier National park in the wee morning hours on labor day weekend. There was a refreshing chill in the air, wildflowers around us and the mountain was aglow.

Sam was a trooper and was up for hiking around a little and I was totally impressed.

We tried to venture around other areas of the park for a better mountain view but as the day went on we quickly ran into jammed packed traffic as far as the eyes could see.

If you're up for a session up at Mt. Rainier I'm always up for an adventure.

Stay tuned for little baby boy pictures coming soon..........

- Jenine


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