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Nick + Lizzie Engagement Session


Nick and Lizzie recently moved to Washington State when the military stationed them to the Joint Base Lewis McChord. They found themselves needing to move before they had the chance for a proper wedding. They reached out to me when they moved here and told me they really wanted engagement pictures since they missed out on the opportunity.

We had a great time chatting and getting to know each other as we hiked through the woods. Did you know that haircuts are quite the expense when you're in the military. It had never crossed my mind before, lol. They quickly fell in love with the area and all the trees, forests, beaches, and mountains the south sound area has to offer.

They are dog lovers like me and have two big dogs of their own that they brought along for the adventure. I love when couples and families want to include their pets for pictures, they are after all family too. I always include them to my own personal family pictures. We spent the last part of the photo session wrangling up the dogs and chasing them around in hopes of a few good pictures. I think we did alright, you can never go wrong when it's golden hour.

Nick and Lizzie are getting are headed back east for their dream reception this Spring and I couldn't be happier for them. Congratulations and welcome to Washington! We appreciate Nick and Lizzie's service and the sacrifices they make everyday as a military couple.


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