Locklear Family

An in home lifestyle family photo session

Lacey, WA

The Locklear family was gifted a family photo session from a dear and thoughtful friend. It was a chilly December day so we opted for an indoor in home family photo session. I pulled up to their apartment complex in Lacey and recognized it immediately, it was the same one that my cousin lives in, such a small world!

I was greeted by their most adorable daughter who was celebrating her one year birthday this month. She wasn't so sure about me at first but we turned and some of her favorite music ( Katy Perry in case you were wondering) and she showed me some of her best dance moves, lol.

We started in the living room and then moved to the back bedroom to find some amazing window light. While mom was grabbing some baby snacks as a for a distraction in the other room dad pulled me aside and showed me an engagement ring and told me he was going to propose! I was blown away and so excited for them! I'm normally a huge planner but we came up with a simple plan on the fly. I'd call her over and tell mom I was getting a picture of just her and her daughter and then when I said, " Dad why don't you come on in and join them" that was his cue to get down on one knee.

Such a special moment and an magical ending that even I had no idea was coming.

Congratulations on such a huge milestone in your families life!

- Jenine