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Mason Family

Ft. Steilacoom Park


When extended family photos are brought up it of often brings dread to families and photographers alike. Have no fear, I promise I can make even extended family photos almost pain free and enjoyable. How do I accomplish this you may ask? I usually make a complete fool of myself. For example I walked backwards to get the perfect photo and tripped in a mole hole. That always gets some authentic grins and chuckles.

In all seriousness though my friends, I really do have a lot of love for these large family photos and the Mason family was no exception. Their family immediately reminded me of my own. There were kids and dogs everywhere and a lot of sarcasm, jokes to go around, and most importantly, men in flannel.

If you're in need of family photos and want to enjoy yourselves while doing it please send me a message and we can plan customize your session!

- Jenine Guariglia


Nicholas Beltran
Nicholas Beltran

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