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Mt. Rainier Engagement Photos

Adventure Engagement Sessions

Zach + Emily


I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to share to share my first Mt. Rainier session with you all. I'd been dying to take photographs at Mt. Rainier National Park but I had yet to come across a client willing to make the drive up. When Zach and Emily contacted me about engagement photos and specifically mentioned Mt. Rainier, all my dreams pretty much came true at that moment, lol.

This was our second attempt to make it up to the mountain for photos, if you're at all familiar with the PNW weather you'll understand. We'd been waiting all summer for a clear day when they would be in town and it just never seemed to happen. We have had an unusually wet summer. Despite the overcast day we decided to give it a shot and I'm so glad we did! Mt. Rainier was visible as we drove the 1.5 hrs up but the clouds blew in covering the mountain when we arrived.

We were so lucky the fog held off for a few hrs so we could still get some great pictures of the other cascade mountain range and the beautiful trees. Despite being September and crummy weather there still seemed to be an abundance of tourists hiking up the trails with us.

Emily was a trooper and looked stunning in her burgundy dress. She hiked, smiled, and posed in the 50 degree weather like it aint no thang.

Congratulations Zach and Emily! I can't wait for your wedding day!



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