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Robinson Girls Lavender Session

Olympia, Washington


I'm about six months behind on blogging, so have some patience with me as I play some major catch up! This year I was so excited to secure a spot for some lavender farm photo sessions. I was beyond thrilled to provide this opportunity for my clients. This family owned farm is located in nearby Olympia and we had the whole place all to ourselves. It was so dreamy and smelled A-MAZING. We had some nice cloud coverage for our session and I couldn't be happier about it. In case you didn't know, clouds act as a giant diffuser over the sun, eliminating all harsh shadows on our faces. Perfect for photos! No need to fret if your session is scheduled on a gloomy day!

The Robinson girls came dressed in the most adorable boho style dresses with floral crowns. They totally nailed the lavender farm photo look! They were one stylish group, I even joked with the mom because she had a very trendy wooden pacifier clip for her youngest. They sure didn't have all that cute stuff when my kids were babies. I could not get enough of the baby Michelin man rolls and big sisters enthusiasm for exploring. She was such an easy going baby but had some strong feeling about her floral crown, LOL!

If you'd like to book a lavender farm photo session for next June let me know!

- Jenine


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