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Sam + Creed

Updated: Mar 10, 2020


I'm a huge nature lover, there's nothing like some fresh air and the smell of trees to invigorate my soul. I drive past this lake often and always felt a pull to get out and explore this unique area. I find so much beauty in these old dead stumps and I can't help but wonder what this place must have looked like before. There is beauty even in death.

The first time I laid eyes on this area I was dying to get some people in front of my camera for a photo session. I knew it would be the perfect spot on an overcast and foggy day. The PNW never disappoints. We were graced with lingering clouds, dramatic grey skies, and no rain in sight.

In the summer this area is covered in water and only a few stumps jut out of the shallow beach areas. We had so much fun exploring stumps and islands that are at times, only accessible by boat.

These two were fun, energetic, and up for climbing all over any stump I pointed them too.

This is the perfect location for couples and senior portraits. If you're interested in shooting at this one of a kind location, send me a message and we'll explore the outdoors together!



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