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Sammie & Olivia

A mommy and me mini mother's day photo session


I'm so excited to share with you this gorgeous Mommy & Me session. Meet Sammie and Olivia.

Sammie is a hard working mom providing for her family. She recognizes the value of time and cherishes every moment she gets to spend with Olivia.

Olivia reminded me of my own daughter the second I met her. Her chubby little body, wobbly little walk, and olive skin with pigtails brought all those wonderful memories flooding back to me. She was constantly on the move and had to collect every rock she saw along the way. The path was littered in rocks.

Her parents are professional dog handlers and it showed when we brought the treats out to get Olivia to sit still. Dog people are always my people.

I enjoyed my time with this little family. It is clear that Olivia is the center of their world and it's easy to see why.

- Jenine


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