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Sky & Penelope

Mommy and Me Photo Session/ Yelm, WA


I met Sky and Penelope as part of my annual Mother's day photo session. Each year I like to offer discounted sessions for mother's with their children. I think it's so important for mom's to get in the pictures too! We are so often the ones behind the camera or phone taking the pictures and never in them, I am 100% guilty of this. Our session started off with some beautiful light and this time of year has amazing wildflowers.

As part of all of my photo sessions I send each client a quick questionnaire to get to know a little about them. I found this really helps me plan out the perfect session for them, it also helps us all feel more comfortable around each other when the day of the photo shoot arrives. Well, after all our emails back and forth I was really feeling like we could be besties so I friended her on Facebook. I couldn't help but notice that she just bought a "new" to her, old Ford truck from a yard sale. It was so cute and I knew instantly that I needed it in a few pictures! Sky was such a trooper and agreed to drive it over and into the field for the session. I think it was a win, if if we did get it stuck in the field for a bit, LOL!

Spring here in the PNW is unpredictable, we went for sunny skies to amazing storm clouds and I couldn't be happier about the way these photos turned out. Mother nature painted us the perfect picture, no Photoshop sky overlay needed;)

- Jenine


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