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The Ascher Family

A lemonade inspired family photo session/ Yelm WA


The Ascher family

Such a fun family with a great sense of humor!

Mom warned me that her husband loathes family photos and is the most awkward human being in front of the camera.

Let me assure you that I hear this often and take it on as a challenge. We had fun and just let the little man lead the way.

Jessica found this amazing lemon dress that was sort of the inspiration for our photo session. Her little guy was going to be turning one soon and she wanted a way to capture that milestone in his life as well as get some family photos. She had an idea for a little lemonade sign and some lemons. I told her I could do even better, I had just the thing! This little dresser has served me well for hot cocoa minis and I was happy it could make on appearance in the summer for this.

When I emailed their online family gallery mom said, " I AM CRYING IN THE TRADER JOE'S PARKNG LOT!! These are SO beautiful! All the big emotions hit me".

I'd call that a mission accomplished.

- Jenine


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