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The Caldwell Family

Billy Jr Nisqually Wildlife Refuge Olympia, WA


Meet the Caldwell family! Kristin is a talented family photographer as well, she's just recently getting back into the swing of things after taking a few yrs off to care for her two kids.

Kristin and I realized we have much in common and not just photography. Kristin is a horse owner and lover and a mom to one boy and one girl, just like me.

Her oldest son is following in his mothers footsteps and enjoy learning about photography.

Her daughter enjoys ballet. I've always been envious of the grace and coordination of a ballet dancer.

We chose the beautiful Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, the two white barns are currently under construction so we had to be very creative to make sure we didn't get any construction sites in our photos.

If you're In the Thurston County area and would like family photos please shoot me a message.

- Jenine


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