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The Fowler Family


Meet the Fowlers!

They are a military family and they took full advantage of this time when dad could be home by getting family pictures!

I met this gorgeous momma through church and we quickly became friends. After talking with her a bit, I straight out told her we should be "best friends", kind of the same way a 5yr old conversation goes. We have a lot of similar interests and feel really passionate about the same things. She is an amazing hair stylist and she always keeps my blonde looking beautiful.

Her kids are pretty silly and easy going and I can't get enough of the freckles!

When it came time to pick a location we felt it was better to be safe than sorry with COVID- 19 abounding and we chose to stay at my property here in Yelm. Not another soul in sight.

Have you been wanting family pictures but don't want to risk being around others? No worries, I can come to your home or you can come on over to mine!

- Jenine Guariglia


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