Woodruff Family

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Pioneer Park Tumwater, WA

I can't say enough about this great family! They were easy going and fun. It was so neat to see how the older kids cared for the two younger siblings. We met up at Pioneer Park where we were able to get a lot of different looks from one location. I was pleasantly surprised when all 4ft of Colby the Great Dane showed up. I loved watching their little boy run around with him and try to hold his leash. I always say it doesn't get cuter than kids and dogs!

As I was wrapping up the family photo session, this sweet little guy asked to hold my hand. He then told me he wanted to come home with me and waved goodbye to his family as they walked the other direction.

This morning I received a message from his mom, she told me he woke up this morning, got dressed and started asking for " Gene... go see Gene".. .. It took her a while to make the connection. My name is Jenine and I had introduced myself to him first thing when he told me his name. His mom soon realized that he was asking to come see me and do pictures again.

You guys, there is not an emoji that can adequately express my emotion when I read her message. My heart is so full. If only we could all love so easily and quickly. This is the best compliment I could ever receive. I feel like no matter what, the session was a success. I have made a new friend. I don't know what he saw in me so quickly but it made my whole week.

-Jenine Guariglia