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James + Sonia

A PNW lakeside engagement photo session


I met Sonia working at my dental office as a dental assistant. I was beyond thrilled and excited when I heard she was getting engaged! I quickly put the idea out there that she should choose me as her wedding photographer and I was so happy that she did! We sat down and went over all the details to make sure I was a good fit for her and James. This is when I found out that she was going to have 1,000 guests and the ceremony would all be in Spanish. What did I get myself into, lol? I'm pretty confident and felt like I could pour my heart and soul into her wedding day pictures and not let anything intimidate me.

At first Sonia and James were skeptical about even getting engagement photos done. They weren't planning on including any pictures in their invitations and she told me that James gets so shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera. Who else can relate? Ummmm, me.... I'm probably the most awkward and unphotogenic person out there.

I quickly convinced them that that was the exact reason they needed engagement photos. I gives us all an opportunity to meet and mingle and get comfortable around each other before the big day. They weren't picky when it came to locations for engagement photos and they let me choose. I took James shy nature into account and we choose a location where we wouldn't have a lot of onlookers.

This lake is one of my favorites to photograph and to take my kids to swim on when it's summer. In the fall and winter the water is so low that all of these amazing tree stumps can be found everywhere. The only downside it all the mud. They were troopers and didn't bat an eye when I told them it was going to be a bit muddy.

I can't wait for James and Sonia to seal the deal. I'm always so honored to be chosen to share such an important and life changing day with my couples.

- Jenine Guariglia


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