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A COVID-19 Courthouse wedding/ Tacoma WA


Jose and Maddie had a whirlwind of a wedding! I'm pretty darn honored to have been a part of another huge milestone in this lovely ladies life. From maternity, to newborn, and now WEDDING photos!

Maddie moved to Washington from Maryland and shortly there after she met JOSE, a young military man. They were blessed with the happiest and most adorable little girl you have ever met. Jose is being stationed out of state to another location and they knew that they wanted to stay together and be a family. In a matter of 2 short weeks they were able to plan a wedding!

Normally eloping or having a civil wedding is a pretty straight forward process but things are quite different during COVID-19. They got the go ahead to have a ceremony outside, masks on, and no more than 15 guests.

We were so fortunate that the weather didn't pour on us. Maddie's mother was able to fly in and others who were unable to attend viewed the whole day in real time via a zoom link. Maddie still wanted to incorporate some things from a traditional wedding like a first look. We were able to keep Maddie in the car until I had Jose turned around and in place waiting for her. He was grinning from ear to ear when he saw her.

The judge met us outside where he greeted us masked up and with a bottle of hand sanitizer ready. The guests gathered around hoping to get a good view of the ceremony. The first kiss as a couple seemed all the more dramatic as they flung off their masks to sneak a quick but loving kiss!

I am so happy for your sweet little family, Congratulations!

- Jenine


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