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Scates Family Christmas Session


Meet the Scates family! They are a close knit blended family. When talking to mom she wanted their yearly Christmas photos taken at the beautiful red barns found at Steilacoom park. It a local photographer favorite and by far my most requested location. I arrived early to our session as I always do only to find the whole place packed. There was some kind of mountain biking event and the whole parking lot and overflow area were full. The barns that we planned to meet at and photograph were roped off and completely inaccessible. There were food carts, tents, and porta potty's as far as the eye can see.

To say I was panicking would be an understatement. I was not going to be able to get Jessica the beautiful barn pictures that her heart desired. I quickly called her to warn her and tell her we'd be meeting in a new area at the park.

I scoured the park for a small corner away from the crowd. We found a spot next to the large dog park area. For a minute there I thought we might have to take our pictures inside the dog park, lol.

The Scates family was so understanding of the situation but I knew I was going to have to nail this photo session if I ever wanted their business again.

We let the little guy take the lead for the whole session and our goal was to keep him engaged and happy. I was so impressed to see how well these older step sibling get along and have become best friends.

The Scates family will be growing over the next few months as their daughter is expecting! I was so happy when they told me they'd like me to photograph maternity photos when the time came. Maybe I didn't blow it after all!



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