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The Black Family

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Eatonville, WA


This past week I had the pleasure of capturing family photos for the Black family. I met Bonnie through church and had the honor of taking some Mothers Day photos for her as well. She was kind enough to tell me that those images had brought tears to her eyes. She realized just how important it is to have pictures with her children. Now if that isn't the best compliment a photographer could get!

I'm not ready to disclose the location of this shoot just quite yet. I must say great minds think alike, because Bonnie had asked me if I knew of this location and would take her family pictures there. I literally had driven past it with my family a few weeks before and was dying for some nice weather to take someone's pictures there.

What you can't see in these pictures is the majestic Mt. Rainier towering above those foothills in the back. I went out to this location several times before our photography session to check out the lighting and find just the right time. To my complete horror, the day of our session, smoke from several wildfires across Washington State and elsewhere had blown in, making Mt. Rainer invisible. True Story. Bonnie was so easy going and didn't bat an eye when I told her, she said "Let's go for it!" I hope to be more like Bonnie when I grow up and just roll with the punches.

I did manage to work a little editing magic and get a glimmer of Mt. Rainier to show in a few photos. Phew.

This location is one I will be going back to soon, and I'll have my fingers crossed for clear skies!

- Jenine


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