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The Nelson Family

Olympia, Washington


Rewind to a few years ago and the Nelson family was my very first paid family session. A big thank you to them for being brave enough to be my first clients. I want to give an even bigger thank you for being such amazing repeat customers! I've come along ways since then and hope to being continually growing and improving.

The Olympia State Capitol grounds are a great place for family photos. I've had many sessions there without a hitch. This time as we pulled in to park, the place was jam packed, not a parking spot in sight! It happened to be a local high school homecoming night and almost every square inch was covered in teenagers, photographers and parents. I had to ditch my usual go to spots and get creative on the fly. We managed pretty well considering.

The Nelson family are a military family like so many others. They are moving on to bigger and better things and leaving Washington for their next adventure out of State. Melissa told me that this red dress was special to her and Doug. She wore it when she went to pick Doug up after being deployed in Iraq. She is killing it in that dress!

I am so grateful to all the men and women in service and their families who struggle without them while they're gone. I am so honored to capture their last little bit of time they have here in Washington. They will be missed and I know they're little family will do amazing things wherever they may be.

To honor our service men and women I offer a 10% discount for military families.

- Jenine


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